Welcome. This is Le Guen Mutanyi Editing.

We offer bespoke editing services for corporates, academics and creatives. Whether in English, French or Kiswahili, let us give your writing a professional touch.

The Team

Laila Le Guen

French & English Editor

Laila's wide range of interests is evident in her unique academic background straddling maths, physics and linguistics. She is a serial language learner who enjoys challenging herself to move cities and continents every few years. Born in France, she has fallen under the charm of artsy, bustling Nairobi.

Nyambura Mutanyi

English & Kiswahili Editor

Nyambura comes to editing with a background in anthropology, teaching, and writing. She loves the outdoors and has a few marathons under the belt she wears as she cycles round Nairobi. She loves reading and the vibrant cultural life of the city she calls home.

Our Process

We believe that two pairs of eyes are better than one: your document goes through a first round of editing before being proofread by a second person.

You'll receive insightful comments and suggestions, covering spelling and grammar but also flow, strength of arguments, fact-checking and relevance to your intended audience.

Once you are on board, we keep you engaged throughout the editing process, so that the end result feels truly yours.

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